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waves arrive in


They’re groups of waves that arrive, usually starting with smaller ones and gradually building to the largest wave of the set until there is a lull.

Surfing these sets can often feel like an analogy for life - paddle through the shit to get to a place where you think you’re in a perfect position. Maybe you see an incoming wave that you think would be the perfect one to catch. Your heart is pounding, you pass the point of no return, then you commit to it. At this point, it can go two ways.

Scenario 1 - you nose dive and fall into the washing machine. You have no sense of direction and are at the mercy of the ocean, but eventually, you surface.

Scenario 2 - you catch it, and it’s the most euphoric feeling. Your only job at this point is to be present and make the most of this ride, which inevitably, won’t last forever.

In either scenario, you end up facing the next set of waves coming at you and have to make a decision - are you calling it in, or will you face it all over again?

This ethos is our north star within the wild-west of media, entertainment, and marketing.